The evolution theory teaches that man has been improving over the last 3 million years. Both history and Scripture indicate that before the Flood in the days of Noah, people were much bigger and smarter than the average person is today. The Bible says they were living to be more than 900 years old.1 As for smarter, you could learn a lot in 900 years! Plus, Adam came from the hand of God fully programmed with language capacity and the ability to classify or sort items quickly (he named all the animals in one day). Adam was around for over half of the time from the creation to the Flood, so his great knowledge could be spread throughout the world.

In the last 400 years, there has been a great increase in accumulated technology. This is not the same as wisdom or intelligence. We can have a computer because thousands of men before have invented various parts and ideas that can be put together. There is no evidence that modern man is smarter than ancient man. I think the opposite is true. Many of the ancient structures indicate greater intelligence in solving problems in a low-tech age.

As for man getting bigger, there has been an increase in average size over the last few hundred years in industrialized countries due to improved diet, sanitation, medicine, etc. But, this is not to be confused with evolution. Also, the trend in bigger people is not proof of long-term growth patterns. If man today is, say, 8 inches taller than average man during the American Revolution 200 years ago, it obviously would not prove that man was 80 inches shorter 2,000 years ago or 800 inches shorter 20,000 years ago! Every age has seen both tall people and smart people. There is no evidence that modern man is any better.