In this interview, I ask Ray Comfort of Way of the Master to answer the question, “Is Repentance Necessary for Salvation?”


Eric – Is repentance necessary for salvation? I wanted to bring on a guest who’s a friend of mine. I watched one of his sermons years ago, and through that sermon, I repented of my sin and trusted in Christ as my Savior. The message is called Hell’s Best Kept Secret. My guest today is Ray Comfort. Ray, thanks so much for hanging out with me.

Ray – Pleasure good to see ya.

Eric – Can you help us unpack this? Is repentance necessary for salvation?

Ray – Well, firstly, salvation’s by grace through faith. Not of yourselves. A gift of God, not of works lest any man boast. Salvation is of the Lord has nothing to do with you and I. In the same sense that Lazarus didn’t have anything to do with being raised from the dead. He responded to the voice of the son of God. He could’ve laid there on there as a corpse. A living corpse the rest of his life if he wanted but he got up and he got out of that filthy sepulcher. Stinky sepulcher, as the scriptures say. There are those who say, all you have to do is believe. That’s all you have to do, that’s what the bible says. That is works salvation. Remember by grace are you saved through faith, not by faith, it’s not by believing you’re saved. We’re saved by grace through faith. That’s the medium with which we receive the grace of God. And the way to receive the grace of God is through repentance and faith in that order. You get these people who say, all you gotta do is believe and you repent later on. No, you’re not saved until you repent. Scripture makes that very clear. In fact, Jesus said in Mark One verse 15, …