It Started with Socks!

A friend of mine, Jason Pratt, is a rocket scientist who converted from Atheism to Christianity after studying science. He recently commented on one of my Facebook Posts in response to a picture I posted about folding socks! The correspondence that followed his post showed me that some people just don’t care about truth. Read this thread and see what kind of conclusion they come to after hearing from Jason.


Does anyone else hate matching up socks? Seriously, I have a hard time putting socks together, but evolutionist believe all the chemicals for life came together by chance? I don’t have that kind of faith.

Posted by Eric Hovind on Sunday, February 28, 2016


As you read this, you need to understand that I actually appreciate the fact that there are atheists on my page interacting with me and others who comment. I truly believe that God can open their eyes to see the truth. We just need to keep in mind that we are not better than anyone, just infinitely better off after trusting Christ as our Savior! To see an example a life changed through Facebook, view Matthews Story

I am sorry if the discussion at times gets out of hand, but here is a mild example of the kind of conversations taking place on Facebook..

A response from Rubin seemed to start this off:

Socks can’t participate in chemical reactions the way small molecules can. This isn’t rocket science, Eric, just basic chemistry. – Rubin

Because Jason is a “rocket scientist,” he decided to chime in on the conversation.

Basic chemistry proves molecules to man evolution is a scientific impossibility. And I am a rocket scientist…
Also, notice how it’s always the left socks that are missing? – Jason

Then an Atheist who frequents my page named Stacy chimed in to respond to Jason:

Huh, what class did you take that had the term “molecules to man evolution” ?? – Stacy

I appreciated Jason’s response in that he was simply stating the facts and presenting the truth in love.

I have a stack of science textbooks over a meter tall. These are just my hard science (physics, chemistry, o chem, material sciences, statics, dynamics, etc.). Not one of them mentions any scientific evidence that supports neo-Darwinian evolution.

Not one!

I attended secular undergraduate and graduate schools and my own atheism was transformed partly as a result of seriously and critically studying science.

To Stacy Reagen’s question I never came across the term “molecules to man evolution” in any class except a generalized reference to such a concept in biology courses. Such a concept is scientifically quite laughable yet that is the principle espoused in evolutionary theory.

Go back and study and consider how a flawed interpretation, founded upon preconceptions and not sound reasoning, of good evidence has led to an unsupported conclusion that life has been spawned from non-life.

Science has already proven that conclusion an impossibility! Yet, with a blind proclivity towards generating support for the unscientific theory rather than accepting the conclusion supported by the data.

Many scientists are deceiving themselves and others purely due to peer pressure and not science. Nonetheless, there are still other scientists who have rejected a blind faith to evolution and gone back to the science. They were once evolutionist, as I was, but have since allowed the data to rethink their previously held presupposition. I can provide a list of names.

May you continue to study the science with honesty and integrity. – Jason

Now this is what I found interesting. Two different Atheists on my page totally miss the information that Jason discusses and make the assumption that he is just deluded.

Jason Pratt , you don’t even seem to be able to work out that evolution has nothing to do with the beginnings of life and purely deals with EXISTING life. – Eric Twinge

Apparently he understands that or we would not have received that long of a response trying to explain why he has never encountered “molecules to man” evolution in any textbook. His “generalized reference” is him taking what he reads from his favorite ICR, AIG or other creationist site and molding his studies to somehow fit into this phony “molecules to man” straw man. – Stacy Reagen

Let me ask you something. How would you respond to someone who comments like this? What do you say to someone who just doesn’t want to see the truth? This is where I fall to my knees and pray because I know that nothing I say will convict or convert a sinners heart without the work of the Holy Spirit. Would you commit to praying with me for the lost? Would you take time to communicate with God about your desire to be used to reach people with hardened hearts? I believe that as you pray, you will be given opportunities to declare Christ as Lord and share the truth of the Gospel with others. Be looking for those “Divine Appointments” as I like to call them.

Jason, Thanks for speaking out in love to a lost world. Thank you for being a rocket scientist who wants to point people to the Savior of the World! May God continue to bless your work my friend.

Thanks for reading,