In The Wake of Controversy

For the past two weeks the media and tabloids have reveled in the news that Josh Duggar had inappropriately touched some girls when he was a teenager. I heard about the breaking story on Friday and quickly realized what has happening. While stuck in the airport with canceled flights, I wrote a blog titled: Shocking News: Josh Duggar is a Sinner. Now, after watching the interview of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar on Fox News last night with Megyn Kelly, I have to ask the question, “Are the Duggars Hypocrites or Heros?”


Hypocrites or Heros?

Just what is a hero? A hero is a person of distinguished courage, admired for their bold, bravery to defend a noble cause.

Just what is a hypocrite? A hypocrite is one who pretends to have virtuous moral beliefs and condemns others, while privately condoning their own wickedness.

Not only were the tabloids and leftist media thrilled at the opportunity to call the Duggars hypocrites, but many Christians jumped on the bandwagon as well. Gay and lesbians claim that the Duggars condemn their lifestyle; yet condone their young teenage son’s improper touching of younger girls.

Am I missing something? Did anyone hear the Duggars condone Josh’s behavior? No they didn’t. Did anyone hear the Duggars condemn Josh’s behavior? Yes, over and over again.

Here you have a family that did exactly what they were supposed to do with a young man and look at how things turned out! Josh is now 27 years old. He has a wife and three children. He was working for an organization that stands for the foundational establishment in any society, the family. He corrected his behavior and adds a great deal of value to our society. Take a look at Josh’s life and you will see exactly what society should want to see. Wow, what an example!


On the other had, did anyone hear the Duggars condone homosexuality? No, they didn’t. Did anyone hear the Duggars condemn homosexuality? Yes, over and over again. The Duggars have been consistent in their standards all along. So what gives the Duggars the right to condemn or condone the actions of anyone? Here’s a hint, it’s the same thing that gives you the right to condone or condemn the actions of anyone. The Duggars are blessed to have a foundation upon which to establish a moral gauge for determining right and wrong. They, like you, have the Word of God.

The Standard

The reason Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar condemn any lewd act, from a boy touching a girl improperly to the homosexual lifestyle, is because God condemns any lewd sexual impropriety! God even condemns looking upon a woman to lust after her! Jim Bob did not write the rule book; he merely desires to live and lead his family by it. That is not a popular stand in a cultural war with an agenda to defy the Christian lifestyle as based upon the Bible. It takes great courage and boldness to publically declare belief in moral values that many claim are old-fashioned. Yet, Jim Bob Duggar willingly took the national platform offered him, boldly declaring his faith in God as the template for raising a family.

Let’s go back over those definitions one more time.

Hypocrite: condemns others, but not himself.

Hero: boldly braves unknown consequences to defend a noble cause.

Who is the real hypocrite in this story? The person who pretended to uphold the law and protect juveniles, but instead BROKE the law and VICTIMIZED innocent young women by ILLEGALLY turning over sealed records to a tabloid! May their day in court be soon, and may the law be upheld and proper judgment and punishment served.

Who is the real hero in this story? The persons who bravely worked through difficult challenges, who willingly took the risks of the public fame platform; who continue to try to impact families for God. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josh, and the entire Duggar family are the heroes in this story, who humbly continue to trust God to use their lives, though not perfect, to make a difference in eternity! This family consistently anchors their lives and decisions in the Word of God, even in the midst of a world that is tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. My hat is off to these heroes!

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