JUNE 2017 – Russ and Joanna Miller

russ and joannaFor seventeen years, Russ Miller has been sharing Creation information in easy to understand messages and a variety of venues through his ministry, Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries. With the love and support of his precious wife, Joanna, Russ has spoken in thousands of church services, authored 5 creation-oriented books, written & illustrated 2 kids coloring books, developed 16 PowerPoint seminars, a DVD Series & Study Guide, and given a myriad of impressive Grand Canyon Tours. Russ has also spoken on college campuses, at national conferences, and appeared on many worldwide Christian television and radio programs. His daily posts on FaceBook and Twitter encourage people to believe the Bible — Word for Word and cover to cover.

“When I saw the overwhelming facts which destroy Darwinism and ‘millions of years’ beliefs, combined with the facts which support the biblical accounts of creation and the global flood, I realized that I, and billions of others, had been fooled.” -Russ Miller

Gifted as an effective communicator, Russ enjoys sharing the Creation message in relatable, informative, and memorable methods. Please check out their website and consider asking Russ to come and speak at your next Creation event.

Website: Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries

Prayer Request: This month, please pray for God to open doors where He wants us to go, and to provide us with the strength and energy to continue to answer His call on our lives. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers. ~Russ Miller

Call to Action: Russ and Joanna are dedicated to serving God and furthering His kingdom through the Creation message. Would you take a few moments to encourage them and let them know that you are praying? I know they will appreciate hearing from you!

Russ and Joanna Miller
522 Finnie Flat Rd. E623
Camp Verde, AZ 86322

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The Creation Network Member Spotlight is a forum to recognize and thank members who work to support and further the Creation message. We hope you will enjoy learning about the various members and that you will take this opportunity to encourage them in the labor they are doing for God’s glory! ~The Creation Today Team for the Creation Network