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Super Long-Distance Airplane

Super Long-Distance Airplane

Kids, get ready to soar! When properly prepared and properly motivated, these paper airplanes fly over 400 feet at speeds over 130 mph! That’s over your neighbor’s house and faster than you can drive! Incredible!

How to make it

  1. Get the Dino Super Airplane kit (with 10 pages of super-airplane-making paper, launching equipment, and DVD) or print a free sample (PDF).
  2. Click here to view the super-long-distance-paper-airplane-making instructions.

Launching instructions

To launch the Super Long-Distance Airplane have two friends hold the end of the super-long rubber band and hook the paperclip on the plane to the band. Pull back on the plane, putting tension on the rubber band. For more distance, pull hard on the rubber band, but be careful not to rip the paperclip from the plane. When you have enough tension, release the plane and watch it go a super-long distance! Caution: Do NOT aim at people. Click here to view the launching instructions PDF.

Get the Kit!

Preparing to Soar: Dino Super Airplane

Just $8.95 and includes:

  • Instructional DVD with life lessons
  • 10 pages of super-airplane-making paper
  • Launching equipment