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Look out Discovery Channel!

For decades, channels like Discovery, Nova, and PBS have done incalculable damage to the minds of listeners by indoctrinating many with a humanistic and evolutionary perspective. But there’s a new network available now! Genesis Science Network is a unique channel designed to teach the truths of Science and Nature from a Biblical perspective, bringing glory back to the Creator.

Recently launched by our good friend, David Rives, Genesis Science Network is committed to a Biblical interpretation of Genesis and features Creation speakers and ministries from all over the country, including Creation Today. Available on Roku and live internet streaming, this new channel has great content, free for viewers, all day, every day!

Look out Discovery Channel — here we come!


Super Excited about this new project from David Rives. He just launched the Genesis Science Network! Available on Roku, and live internet streaming. www.GenesisScienceNetwork.com

Posted by Eric Hovind on Friday, May 8, 2015

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