Kids love magic tricks. My family and I were in Ohio with my cousin Chad a few weeks ago and he put on a magic show two nights in a row for the kids. They loved it! It is so much fun to see their faces as they watch in amazement, wondering what happened to the ball in the cup.

Today I received this testimony from a family who has really enjoyed the Magic Tricks DVD that we have at CSE:

So…our children LOVE the Magic Tricks DVD that you and your dad have…They are getting super talented at the “Rope Thru the Neck,” “Devil’s Handcuffs,” the one that has two spoons—one ends up in the cup—this is Elijah’s specialty, and of course, as you can see from the picture, Elijah really likes the rubber-band “Spirit and Flesh.”

They are all really good at shooting the rubber bands and making an impression. We love that they have a love for Jesus and love to share Him using things such as the Magic Tricks, especially with family who give them the “oooh’s and ahhh’s” It makes them feel really confident.

We try to teach the magic tricks with a science lesson and a spiritual lesson! This keeps the kids’ attention really well and teaches them something about God’s word at the same time. You know, you can do the same thing. Just keep using the things around you to point people to Christ!

If you have never seen it before, the Magic Tricks DVD is a great resource to teach and empower kids with the truths of scripture in a fun and entertaining way!

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