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Battleship Apologetics: Mathematics: The Language of Science – Season 4 Episode 8

Math is the language of science. Without it, we can’t calculate science experiments. Is math something humans invented to better explain the universe, or did God brilliantly design mathematics to help man understand His creation? Today’s guest Spike Psarris, former US Military Space Program Engineer, explains how mathematics proves there is a creator. Eric and Marianne don’t solve any mathematical equations, but they do examine problems between math and evolution!

Extended Interview with Spike Psarris

Eric Hovind and Spike Psarris, former US Military Space Program Engineer, discuss their appreciation for mathematics and the beauty that one discovers the deeper you study it. Consider discoveries in mathematics and evaluate how secularists deny mathematics very foundation. Be sure to check out Spike’s DVDs, What You Aren’t Being Told about Astronomy Vols 1 & 2!

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