Meet the Flintstones: Did Cavemen Exist?

Are Apes and Humans related?

Say the word “Caveman” and your imagination instantly brings the image of a large hunched over man with a sloped forehead, leopard skinned tunic, and a wooden club to mind. The look on his face is rather… dumb. Then you are told… “This is great, great, great, great, great, great….. Grandpa!”

REALLY? Do “half man/half ape” people exist? Is there any evidence of this story that has been pushed on the world?

Dr. Terry Mortenson and Eric Hovind scrutinized the so-called “missing links” revealing the extravagant claims that have been spun to hold up the faltering evolution worldview LIVE on September 8, 2021. Join us LIVE every Wednesday at 12 Noon CT on Facebook and YouTube.

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