A Priceless Expression

The look on kid’s faces when they experience a new concept from science is priceless! What a joy to pass down true scientific knowledge obtained over the centuries and powerful theistic knowledge revealed in God’s Word to the next generation. Using the foundation of the Bible and adding scientifically accurate data produces truth, equipping students to stand firm in their faith when bombarded by today’s atheistic culture. Sadly, many people are fooled by pseudo-science and live their lives believing a lie. Students are taught to worship and serve the creation more than the Creator. Students are told that Science and Scripture do not mix.  Here at the Creation Store, we are blessed to teach young people that God’s Word and God’s World fit together perfectly, something they do not hear from today’s secular humanistic educators.

Just this past week, I joined Mary Jo from our Creation Store and Museum to merge Science and Scripture for an unforgettable experience for the tour group. Below is a short video I thought you would enjoy. It was produced by Mercy of Covenant Media while she and her husband Matt were visiting Pensacola. (Thank you, guys!)


Science Camp at the Creation Store in PensacolaWe love science at the Creation Store! Come explore with us. You can schedule your group today!

Posted by Eric Hovind on Monday, January 25, 2016

What are you doing to help the next generation learn the truths of God’s World and God’s Word in an unforgettable way? If you need some help, we’ve got you covered! Check out these amazing resources to help launch your journey into Science and Scripture.

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