Seventeen years ago, my dad and I built my house from the ground up. It’s something he had done with his dad decades before. Now it was my turn. We dug the foundation, poured the footings, built the sub-floor, erected the walls, put on the roof, then we did the electrical and the plumbing. What a great time we had working on it together!


Fast forward to August 2017…

eric flooringIt’s 2:00 in the morning and I’m in the middle of my living room, kneeling on the same spot where I gave my life to Christ a few years later. Over the past week, I’ve been ripping out the old carpet, taking up the padding and installing brand-new hardwood floors. Although I really loved my 17 year old carpet, it was time for a fresh look that will last a long time. This hardwood floor is an amazing design: an engineered laminate. While cutting the boards and piecing the flooring together like a jigsaw puzzle, I can’t help but wonder how anyone could honestly claim that this entire universe evolved by itself. The magic they have to conceive–every atom in the universe evolving randomly from absolutely nothing, truly rivals all of the Biblical miracles they vehemently reject.

Continuing my project, I am reminded of Hebrews 3:4, “Every house was built by some man, but He Who built all things is God.” While our hands may have built this house over the course of 10 grueling months, God laid the foundation of the world instantly with a single, spoken sentence. Then, He stretched out the heavens with His hands as if they were nothing but a ginormous rubber band. (Isaiah 42:5)

The Lord… counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name. Psalm 147:4

Did you know that the estimated number of stars in the universe is ten-billion trillion? That’s the number ten with twenty three zeros behind it! And that doesn’t even include the galaxies we don’t know about yet. Still, our omniscient God calls each and every one of those stars by name.

It’s beyond humbling to consider that the God of the universe takes an interest in my life. Not only did He hear my cry and transform my heart that night on the floor, but He allows me to come to Him daily to petition Him for the grace and wisdom I need to be a better leader to my two girls, young son, and beautiful wife.

If the Foundations are Destroyed…

It is now 2:40 in the morning. I can’t sleep because I just watched the video of a young lady who escaped North Korea after experiencing horrors no child should ever have to endure. If you’ve never seen this stirring video, you need to take time to watch it. What the North Koreans face every day is truly indescribable. It’s inhumane, unbelievable, and unimaginable. At nine years old this precious girl was forced to watch the execution of her best friend’s mom. The mother’s crime? Watching a Hollywood movie.

Hear her testimony: North Korean Girl Tells Her Story 

With a heavy heart I push away from the computer. I pray for my kids. I pray for the children of this country. I pray for the children of Christian parents. I beg God to raise up an army of believers who will stem the tide of wickedness that is descending upon us like a tidal wave.

hovind kids floorBecause Genesis is the very foundation for all the major Bible doctrines, it is no wonder that gender, marriage, family, church, and truth are under such vicious attack right now. Truly this goes back to the very beginning of time when Satan attacked the authority of God’s Word and tempted Eve with a god-like nature. Isn’t that the exact thing he is saying to our culture today? “Ye shall be as gods.” And because their feet are not securely founded on the Truth, so many fall prey to Satan’s devices.

We are under a strong delusion and we need leaders of righteousness. We need leaders with the wisdom of Solomon, the righteousness of Joseph, and a love like Jesus. Leaders who understand the law like Moses, have the spiritual strength of Samson, the God-given courage of Gideon, and the absolute trust of Job.

Oh, God, raise up a generation that seeks Your face and turns from their wicked ways. Hear us from Heaven and forgive; not just America’s sins, but the sins of the world. Heal our land with Your Truth. May we glorify Your name as we not only await Your coming, but labor to advance Your kingdom. For You alone are worthy of all glory, honor, and power.

Parents, are you laying a foundation of truth for your children? A tidal wave of wickedness is certainly coming. It lies even now at our doorstep. It’s presence is felt on the evening news. Prepare your family by making sure their foundation for Truth is Jesus Christ, the Rock of Salvation. Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame. (Romans 9:33)

For His Glory,