>>>Neanderthals: Compassionate and Caring?

Neanderthals: Compassionate and Caring?

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No matter how much logic, scientific or historical evidence is presented, it may never unseat the prevailing false worldview about Neanderthals. God created the world in six days about 6,000 years ago. Some 4,400 years ago, there was a flood that destroyed the world (see Noah’s story, Genesis ). Before the flood, people lived to be more than 900 years old. After the flood, for a few generations they still lived to be around 450, but life expectancy then declined significantly. See Genesis 5:9–11, our “Adam to Joseph” time line, and Creation Seminar #2 for details.

Physical evidence ignored

As people age, the bones of their head and face change. Dr. Jack Cuozzo has done great work on this subject. (See Buried Alive.) It has long been known that Neanderthal skeletons are just normal humans of average height (5’9″), who lived more than 300 years and had larger brow ridges, elongated skulls and larger brains than we have today. These were probably post-flood people, or people who drowned in Noah’s flood. They did NOT live six million years ago and slowly “evolve” into modern man. Don’t be fooled by the steady propaganda from the “willingly ignorant” (II Peter 3:3–9).

The same God who judged the world before with the flood is coming soon to judge it again. If you have not made arrangements to have your sins paid for by the only available one capable (God in the flesh—Jesus Christ), I suggest you DROP EVERYTHING and cry out to Him for mercy and forgiveness ASAP!
God’s Word is true—cover to cover!

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