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We at Creation Today want to provide you the best web experience possible as we equip you with the ever necessary truths to “Know your Creator God.”
We’ve recommended a variety of medium to make getting started easily accessible and fun to use no matter your learning style:


“Dinosaurs in the Bible”

Dinosaurs in the Bible
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“Let There Be Light”
by Jay Seegert
Let There Be Light by Jay Seegert
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“Creation Today Commentary”
The Biblical Age of the Earth
Creation Today Commentary
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Creation Today Shows
“Strawman Arguments”
w/ Ken Ham

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YouTube Videos
How Old is It

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“Proof of God”
Foundation of the Evidence
Proof of God
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iTunes Podcasts
“The Origin of Life”
w/ Eric Hovind & Paul Taylor
Creation Today iTunes Podcasts
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Audio Downloads
“Taylor Talks”
Foundations of the Creation Message
Paul Taylor Talks
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“Creation Seminar”
by Dr. Kent Hovind
Creation Seminar on CD
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Online Courses
Roots Online Course
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DVD Curricula
Exploring Biblical Creation
Beginnings by Eric Hovind
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Live Events
“Speaking Events”
near you
Live Speaking Events
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