One of my favorite pastimes is standing at the ocean shore, watching the thundering breakers crash into the sand; or singing worship songs under a full moon that glimmers upon the vast waters of the sea. These times remind me of the majesty of my Creator. They put into perspective the awesomeness of God who measures the waters in His palms and the universe with the breadth of His hand (see Isaiah 40:12). My God, who am I that you would even think of me (see Psalm 8:4)?

As the mighty ocean waves roll in and out, they cover the sand, washing away sand castles, “Mary loves John,” and debris of all kinds. This is my favorite feature of the ocean: With each passing wave, the sandy shore is completely restored.

As Christians, we know that the God of creation does this for us. No matter how much mess we make of our lives, we can have the confident expectation that God renews His mercy for us each and every day (see Lam 3:22-23). Every day is a new chance to be a new you!

As we celebrate the dawning of a brand-new year, let the waves of God’s power cover your past. You will find there is neither stain deep enough, nor mess big enough that God cannot completely cleanse. The God of creation, through His Son Jesus Christ, desires to make you brand new (see 2 Cor 5:17). Be determined to be a new you in this New Year!

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