My new book, No Time for Itching Ears, was released this week. You can buy it online at the Creation Store, or make the trip to our store and buy a signed copy!

No Time for Itching Ears

I have often heard creation speakers say that the important doctrines of the Christian Church are actually based on a foundation of Genesis being historically accurate. I wanted to see if this assertion was true. So I picked seven of the most familiar Christian doctrines to look at:

  1. The Trinity
  2. The Deity of Christ
  3. The inerrancy of Scripture
  4. The doctrines of sin and death
  5. The doctrines of salvation
  6. Abraham and faith
  7. The reality of the Second Coming of Jesus

Each of these doctrines is a primary doctrine. That is to say that failure to believe them is heresy. 1

For each doctrine, I traced New Testament passages, from which the doctrine is derived. Secondly, I looked at Old Testament passages where we see the doctrine, and finally showed that the doctrines are actually reflected in the early chapters of Genesis.

This book is not exhaustive. There are other doctrines that I could have covered. The ones chosen represent test cases to prove my point. This is also not a scientific book — it is a book about Scripture, and is designed to be easy to understand.

I hope you will find the book useful and fun to read. When David Wheaton interviewed me on his radio show, he asked, “Do you think there is an 8th important doctrine — that of creation itself?” I agreed. That is the purpose of the book. Everything that we believe ultimately depends on the truth of Genesis, which is why this topic is so important.2

  1. Please note that, regarding the Second Coming, I consider the actual fact that Jesus is returning to be a primary doctrine, but the particular eschatological view that people have about how He might come back is a secondary issue.
  2. My next book is Don’t Miss the Boat, and is about the Flood. God willing, it should be available in November 2012.