Whether you are a victim, friend of the victim or victimizer, I can almost guarantee that your life has been affected by sexual sin and abuse in the church. (It abounds!) It is time to break the silence. It is time to address sexual misconduct and abuse from a Biblical perspective. 

To help us know the truth, I have invited Dale and Faith Ingram to help us understand the path forward. Dale Ingraham, a pastor for over thirty years, is also the husband of Faith, a survivor of nine years of incest. Together they founded Speaking Truth in Love Ministries, awakening churches and other ministries to the realities of sexual abuse within our Christian communities and helping them understand how to deal with it.

Even if you don’t think this conversation is for you…. It is!! 

Join Eric Hovind as he hosts Dale and Faith Ingraham for a conversation that will help the church move forward. 

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Dale Ingraham

Speaking Truth in Love MinistriesCo-Founder and President

Faith Ingraham

Speaking Truth in Love MinistriesCo-Founder and Vice President

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