Does God condone, condemn, or command war?

World War I, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, Afghan/Iraq War—every generation has had to wrestle with how to deal with war. Today’s world events are leading many to ask questions such as: If War involves killing, isn’t that against the Bible? Aren’t we supposed to “turn the other cheek”? What about “love your neighbor” and “love your enemy”?  What should the Christian’s position be regarding war? You might be surprised to learn what God says about your own role in the conflicts of a nation!

Join Eric Hovind and his guest former US Air Force SERE Specialist, Ethan Jago, as they delve into the role of man, the role of government, and the commands of God regarding war. Join the conversation for a closer look at international law and God’s Words dealing with war and peace. 

Eric Hovind

Creation TodayPresident

Ethan Jago

Battlefield TheologianFmr. USAF SERE Specialist

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