Many of you know that for the past 5 years Creation Today has been producing the Genesis 3D Movie, and we are so excited about getting our movie into the theaters. Over the past few weeks, our excitement has tripled as we watched people’s reactions to another movie about Genesis which we have been promoting that hit theaters February 2017—Is Genesis History. On opening night, we went to the theater ourselves and were amazed at the feedback we heard! People absolutely loved it. Watch some of the reactions yourself.

Reactions to the Is Genesis History Movie

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One of the guys you saw in that video was Pastor Arnie. Just a few weeks ago, Pastor Arnie and I went to lunch at the Fishing Hole around the corner from our ministry. He shared with me that he was just not sure where he was at on the whole “God creating the world in 6 days” thing. We spent an hour discussing it and even had a few people listening to our conversation. He was very thankful and wanted us to get together with his church staff to discuss it further.

Fast forward one week as I talked to Pastor Ben, one of Pastor Arnie’s staff. Pastor Ben was happy to hear that Pastor Arnie and I had discussed such fundamental issues as creation and was excited about the conversation being open to the entire staff. I told Pastor Ben about the Is Genesis History movie playing in theaters the next week and suddenly realized that it would be the perfect movie for Pastor Arnie. I sent him a text immediately and without hesitation, his whole family was all-in! Then Pastor Arnie asked if this would be a good film for the staff of his Church to attend and we ended up with a truck load of people ready to enjoy Is Genesis History.

The night of the movie I was a little nervous about how Pastor Arnie would digest the information presented. In our conversations he hadn’t been hostile in any way to the content or the claims of the Bible. On the contrary, he was very open and curious. Throughout the scenes, I found myself wondering what he was thinking. When I spoke to him after the film, I was blown away with his response to my simple question, “What did you think of the Is Genesis History movie?” Read for yourself what an unconvinced Pastor said this movie did for his faith in the Word of God!


Eric: What did you think of the Is Genesis History Movie?

Arnie: I am now totally convinced on a whole ‘nother level. The catastrophic damage of the flood just settled it for me. Great movie! Really looking forward to this coming out (holds up Genesis 3D flyer someone gave him) This is going to be exciting! Our whole family is pumped!

All the information put together and presented in the context just helped so much. We’ve all gone to college and done “Science” and stuff like that but nothing has ever been presented in that way. There’s more information available now than there was 10-15 years ago. But then, the suppression of information so people don’t have the truth. That paradigm they kept talking about… there is an agenda.  

When you and I sat down to talk, I confessed that I struggled with the whole age of the earth thing. So, for me, the highlight was when they began to talk about the catastrophic damage of the flood. And when they were showing the layering and how fast that would have occurred, it made complete sense. I don’t feel like I’m committing intellectual suicide to agree with that. In fact, now I think it’s the other way around. That really got me. It actually takes more faith to believe in millions of years. This was HUGE for me! Thank you for inviting us! We really enjoyed it.

Eric: 90% of Christian Colleges today will not take a firm stand on the Biblical account of Creation because the theologians are being pressured to accept the old earth beliefs. But when you understand the flood, it wipes out every old earth belief there is.  

Arnie: I had no idea that was my paradigm. When I was doing Earth Science we would look at fossils and Carbon 14 dating; literally trying to merge old earth beliefs with theology. But Jesus says that truth is like the pearl of great price. When you find it you sell everything you have and go after it! And that’s how I feel about this. It’s one of those moments where you actually decide, “I’m all in.” And I am all in! I can’t merge the lie with the truth. I’m sticking with the Bible.

Eric: It truly is a paradigm shift. To be able to stand and say, I’m 100% standing on the Word of God. It’s my authority and what it says, goes.

I was also able to talk with Pastor Ben after the movie. He was so encouraging!

Eric: Pastor Ben, What did you think about the Is Genesis History Movie?

Ben: Totally amazing, overwhelming, our whole staff was here. We just sat and talked for probably 15 minutes after it was over. Yeah, it blew our minds. This stuff wasn’t around when I was in high school; watching proteins get stretched from the T-Rex and watching guys on the back side of the desert bringing glory to God by the things He has done. It’s just amazing watching all this stuff tying together totally encouraging our faith and boost our confidence that the Word of God is true.  


So, why has this tripled my excitement? Because if the Is Genesis History movie can so powerfully influence these pastors, then the Genesis 3D Movie should blow people away!!! Think about it. You’re not just watching the scientists.  You are witnessing the creation of the world in 3D!!!!!!! I am telling you, the content and the context of the Genesis 3D Movie will reach into the hearts of unconvinced people and unquestionably make an impact. Oh, and wait till you hear how the Genesis 3D Movie ends! I am still amazed at how the Director, Ralph, was able to go from creation to salvation with such an epic film. Wow! We are very thankful that so many of you have been a part of the Genesis 3D Movie journey with us.

Back to the Is Genesis History movie:

Now, if you are one of those poor souls who were unable to make it to the theater to see the movie in person, then I am your new best friend! The team at Compass Cinema is working with Creation Today to make the DVD of Is Genesis History available to the public immediately! That’s right. We aren’t waiting months for a DVD release. You can pre-order the DVD right now, and when you order from Creation Today, you’ll get immediate access to over 3 hours of bonus interviews with the film’s scientific experts absolutely FREE. This limited time, special offer is only available through Creation Today so help spread this paradigm-shifting resource to the people who need it most!

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If you have a pastor, please invite them over to your house to watch this film. If your house isn’t nice enough for the pastor, invite yourself over to their house and watch this film! 😉 Whatever you have to do, just do it to get your friends and Pastors to watch this film!

For those of you standing on the authority of the Word of God, Thank You! For those of you not convinced, let’s keep talking!
Thanks for reading,