>>>Penn Jillette Upset Over Video From Reason Rally

Penn Jillette Upset Over Video From Reason Rally

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Sye Ten Bruggencate, a Presuppositional Apologist, was able to engage Penn Jillette, an outspoken champion of the atheist movement, at the recent Reason Rally in Washington, DC. Although the two only spoke for a few minutes, it exposed the problem with Penn Jillette’s worldview.

The video was then posted online and Penn Jillette is not happy about it! While there is nothing legally, morally, or ethically wrong with posting the video, Penn claims he asked the bystanders not to post it. In reality, Penn told them they did not have a legal right to post it because he did not sign a release form. However, this was, at best, misleading on Penn Jillette’s part as a release form is not necessary for a video taken in public, especially when you know there are cameras present.

However now that the video is out, rather than accept that someone had “called his bluff”, Penn is accusing apologists Sye of lying, claiming that Sye promised not to post the video, which he never did. A very interesting twist indeed!

Here’s the video. In it you can see for yourself that Penn did not want to go down the road of exposing his presuppositions because he knew he could not make any claims with the atheistic worldview as his basis.

I did find the Twitter engagement between Sye Ten Bruggencate and Penn Jillette almost amusing.


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