We now have a variety of presentations available for your group. Each one is approximately 1.5 hours long and includes a Creation presentation, hands-on Science experiments, Creation Quizzes and an artifact display! Here is a brief description of our favorite presentations, as well as our 3 hour workshop.

DINOSAURS AND THE BIBLE (Suitable for ALL ages!)
Everybody loves dinosaurs! But how do they fit in with the Biblical account? Our favorite tour uncovers interesting facts about these “terrible lizards” and how they have been seen and recorded by humans throughout history!

FLOOD AND FOSSILS (Suitable for ALL ages!)
Did Noah really fit all those animals on the boat? And how long did it take the Grand Canyon to form? During this tour, evidence will be revealed for the Biblical Flood and its impact on many of the geologic structures we find throughout the world today.

AGE OF THE EARTH (Suitable for ALL ages!)
Can Science really put an accurate date on the age of the earth? Is it billions, millions, or just thousands of years old? This tour will consider the evidence and answer important questions about dating methods and how we can know that the Bible is true.

SCIENCE WORKSHOP (Recommended for Grades 1 – 6)
Are you looking for a little bit more? Try 3 hours of hands-on Science with your group! We’ll do some fun experiments with chemistry and physics while exploring God’s wonderful world and the laws which govern it. Students will create Nature Journals for recording their experiments as they learn about the Scientific Method and how to use it.

To make a reservation for your group, please contact our office for additional info and pricing. 

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