>>>Why don’t creatures today look the same as pre-flood fossils?

Why don’t creatures today look the same as pre-flood fossils?

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Q: I was talking to my brother who believes evolution, and I explained the fossil/flood theory. He asked a very good question, which I wasn’t prepared to answer. He said, ”If this flood theory is correct, shouldn’t there be fossils from all other animals which we know today?”

A: It is not true that the fossils we discover these days would have to be primarily of animals we recognize as alive today, since species can change rather dramatically in only a few thousand years.

This is not evolution, but rather adaptation designed by God. He created the earth to be inhabited, and He gave His creation the ability to adapt to all kinds of climates and environments. So animals have the capacity for rapid changes in only a few thousand years that could have changed many of them into different-looking creatures since Noah’s Flood. For example, the original cat probably looked something like a tiger, but we now have domesticated house cats that look dramatically different.

But regardless of this capacity for rapid variation, the fact is, most fossils DO look just like living creatures and plants we have today! Dr. Carl Werner produced a book entitled Evolution: The Grand Experiment that shows many creatures and plants which look just like their fossils. It compares the fossils of plants and animals with their modern counterparts, showing that they still look identical to the fossils now. The funny thing is: Evolutionists claim these fossils are millions of years old, yet the creatures and plants still look the same today! Wow!

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