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    The Creation Today Show: Vol 1, Episodes 1-4 back The Creation Today Show: Season 1 DVD Package
    Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor Join engaging hosts Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor as they answer today's most pressing questions about creation. Be apprised of how evolution abundantly betrays truth and distorts our logical thought process. Team up with Creation Today and their guests to embolden your faith and equip you with cold-hard facts and make-sense answers! Not all episodes are still available. Please see list for available DVDs.
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    Mitch Stokes Mitch Stokes, Senior Fellow of Philosophy at New Saint Andrews College, dismantles the claims of skeptics and atheists, while constructing a simple yet solid case of Christian belief. This profound yet accessible book proves the rationality, consistency, and reliability of the Christian approach to science and life. Paperback: 252 pages
  • R. Edwin Sherman Explosive evidence that Bible codes point to the life of Christ! Bible Code Bombshell sets forth startling new evidence that code sequences in Scripture are irrefutable evidence of a Divine hand. In this highly readable book, Sherman offers both skeptics and believers a gold mine of information that will prompt much thinking about the origins of the Bible.
  • Henry M. Morris A respected scholar, the late Dr. Henry M. Morris spent over six decades studying God's Word, and his commentaries enriched the faith of many. In this remarkable book, Dr. Morris examines both the famous creation account in Genesis, as well as lesser-known references, such as Ezra and Colossians. Download: 320 pages
  • Marvin L. Lubenow A creationist assessment of human fossils written for the layperson. Well documented for further study and based entirely upon fossils accepted unconditionally by evolutionists. Revised and Expanded! Paperback: 400 pages
  • Jack Cuozzo A research book that will catch the attention of scientists and laypersons alike, for the Neanderthal family has finally come to tell a shocking story! Paperback: 349 pages
  • Jack Cuozzo A research book that will catch the attention of scientists and laypersons alike, for the Neanderthal family has finally come to tell a shocking story! Download: 349 pages
  • Henry M. Morris Such topics as class size and a brief history of the two world wars are just a small part of this framework for educators in home schools, Christian schools, and public schools. Addressing the needs of each of these areas, Dr. Morris implores today's teachers to provide wholesome and well rounded instruction for tomorrow's generation. Download: 296 pages
  • Although mentoring is a popular buzz word today, throughout history dominant cultures have passed down the importance of teaching the next generation not only a trade, but ethics, spirituality, and the rewards of a job well done.  
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    Emilio Ramos Emilio Ramos uses Scripture and the writings of Christian leaders to help the reader understand the mysteries of conversion. This book provides outstanding preparation for all who are called to be pastors, evangelists, teachers, personal workers, and church leaders. How does God work in the conversion process, as He takes us out of Adam and puts us into Christ? This book definitively answers this question with clarity and biblical truth. Paperback: 183 pages
  • Henry M. Morris Possibly the only book of its kind, Creation and the Second Coming captivates the reader by linking our origins with our destiny. Blending biblical stories like Noah and Jesus teaching His disciples, Dr. Henry Morris weaves an intriguing resource for prophecy and creationism buffs. Download: 194 pages  
  • Nicholas Comninellis In this incredible resource, author Nicholas Comninellis comes to the defense of anyone troubled by the inconsistencies of evolutionary theory. Examining various disciplines, Comninellis presents the contradictions and often absurd conclusions that proponents of evolution pass off as a good science by presenting conclusive documented evidence. Download: 312 pages