• Eric Hovind It's time to start your journey through Beginnings, the curriculum that will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topic of our day—creation versus evolution! Join Eric Hovind for six fascinating sessions:
    • Session 1: They're Both Religions
    • Session 2: How Old Is It?
    • Session 3: It Was Good
    • Session 4: Dinosaurs With Man
    • Session 5: Fact vs. Faith
    • Session 6: The Truth
      Curriculum includes: Six sessions on 2 DVDs, 1 Leader's Guide BONUS Creation Minute episodes 1-5! 2 DVDs:   3 hours 25 minutes
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  • Jay Seegert Confused about the creation vs. evolution controversy, science and the Bible? This seminar series (ideal for small group studies) consists of twelve 30 minute sessions on 4 DVDs. It provides clarity, removes intimidation and greatly strengthens your faith in the inspiration and authority of God's Word! We offer answers to tough questions that are both biblically sound and scientifically accurate. A free Study Guide is included to help you facilitate small group discussions! DVD: 6 hours
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    Join Eric Hovind for a six-part interactive study of creation in his Beginnings DVD Curriculum. With The Six Days of Genesis, you'll enjoy a meticulous exploration of each day of creation, with the intriguing kind of insights that Paul Taylor is so great at uncovering! Finally, Chad Hovind presents Godonomics, a six-part biblical economics study on "What the Almighty says about the Almighty dollar."
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  • Longevity Chart

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The entire lineage of Adam to Joseph is presented on this interesting chart. With births and deaths illustrated clearly, it is easy to see exactly how many generations were alive at the same point in time. Laminated with heavy, 10 mil laminate. Dimensions: 11" x 17"
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  • Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge Begin is a journey through the Scriptures designed to help someone simply understand the structure and context of the Bible. Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge compiled this critical resource which brings to light often difficult concepts through easy to understand commentary. Readers will enjoy a quick and concise presentation of the following core concepts with a brief summary of events and history in between Genesis 1 11 (The Foundation), Exodus 20:1 17 (The 10 Commandments), John (The Gospel), Romans (An Epistle from Paul to the Christians), and Revelation 21 22 (The Fulfillment in Heaven). Download: 240 pages
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  • Eric Hovind Video Download Beginnings Session 1 of 6 Many believe that evolution is a part of science studies and creation is a part of the religious studies. But examining the evidence proves that both creation and evolution represent paramount religious worldviews! Dig into the evidence with Eric, removing all the scientific hyperbole to reveal the truth. If you are a creationist, you believe in the beginning—God! If you are an evolutionist, you believe in the beginning—dirt! Download: 29 minutes  
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  • Eric Hovind Video Download Beginnings Session 2 of 6 According to the dates given in the Bible, the earth is about 6,000 years old. According to evolutionists, the earth is billions of years old. Does this conflict affect the lost and the faith of believers? Delve into the conflict as Session Two presents evidences that point conclusively to a young earth. The testimony of Scripture tells us the earth is young — and true science agrees! Download: 39 minutes
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  • Eric Hovind Video Download Beginnings Session 3 of 6 If there really is a Creator God, why do we see suffering? In Session Three we come face to face with this question and answer it with the biblical account of Adam’s Fall and Noah’s Flood. Join Eric to study the awe and majesty of God’s creation, the consequences sin brought upon it, and who must really take the rap for suffering in the world today. Download: 29 minutes
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  • Eric Hovind Video Download Beginnings Session 4 of 6 We are indoctrinated at a young and impressionable age with the idea that dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years ago. In Session Four, Eric covers historical, scientific, and biblical evidence that dinosaurs existed with man in the Garden of Eden; were on the ark with Noah; and how God’s judgment with a global flood changed life on planet earth for everyone — including the dinosaurs! Download: 36  minutes
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  • Eric Hovind Video Download Beginnings Session 5 of 6 Science textbooks clearly impact society. In Session Five, Eric drills down on evolutionary theories supported in the textbooks with evolutionary faith masquerading as scientific fact. Examine such scientific data as where the geologic column exists, the change mutations bring on life, and what influence the theory of natural selection makes on a society as it robs humanity of its belief in God’s Word as the ultimate authority. Arm yourself to critically sort through the jargon and assumption of the faith based evolution agenda and to distinguish fact from faith in the latest science curricula. Download: 35 minutes
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  • Eric Hovind Video Download Beginnings Session 6 of 6 Either there is a God or there isn’t — and both possibilities are frightening. In Session Six, discover how one’s worldview affects his perception of truth. Science cannot give us absolute truth; only educated guesses based on circumstantial evidence without certainty of conclusions. Absolute truth can only be known through a proper understanding of God’s Word, and in the end, this always brings God glory! Download: 37 minutes
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  • Eric Hovind Download Beginnings Leader Guide eBook to all 6 Sessions Sessions include:
    • They're Both Religions
    • How Old Is It?
    • It Was Good
    • Dinosaurs With Man
    • Fact vs. Faith
    • Truth
    *Includes: ePub for Nook, MOBI for Kindle, and PDF Download: 20 pages
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