• Longevity Chart

    The entire lineage of Adam to Joseph is presented on this interesting chart. With births and deaths illustrated clearly, it is easy to see exactly how many generations were alive at the same point in time. Laminated with heavy, 10 mil laminate. Dimensions: 11" x 17"
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    The Holy Bible on Double Speed (KJV) Audio MP3

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    Alexander Scourby Reading at double speed can be compared to living in your neighborhood for years and then flying over it in an airplane to get a bird’s eye view. Seeing it from the air opens brand new observations and perspectives and so it is with reading the Bible! Because it is difficult to find the time for lengthy reading sessions, we sometimes miss “the big picture” produced by reading an entire Book of the Bible or a large section without interruption.   3 MP3 disks: 39 hours
  • The Ultimate Proof of Creation

    Jason Lisle There is a defense for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument—an “ultimate proof” of the Christian worldview. Paperback: 256 Pages
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    Join Eric Hovind for a six-part interactive study of creation in his Beginnings DVD Curriculum. With The Six Days of Genesis, you'll enjoy a meticulous exploration of each day of creation, with the intriguing kind of insights that Paul Taylor is so great at uncovering! Finally, Chad Hovind presents Godonomics, a six-part biblical economics study on "What the Almighty says about the Almighty dollar." This package includes:
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    From simple cells in the seas to fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and eventually humans: this we are told has been the evolutionary tree of life. So how does this theory fit in with all we see around us? DVD: 100 mins.
  • Henry M. Morris The Henry Morris Study Bible, available in hardcover, is the classic of the study Bibles and has just been released with new expanded information and a new look. No other study Bible offers a more direct or immediate scientific and doctrinal foundation for biblical creationism and biblical infallibility. Dr Morris takes an uncompromising stand on the six literal days of creation and a young earth. Hardback: 2215 pages
  • Is earth merely a speck of dust lost without significance in the universe? Or, is our planet the product of intelligent design? Today, scientific evidence indicates that the many factors that make earth suitable for complex life also provide the best conditions for astronomical discovery. The Privileged Planet explores this intriguing correlation and its implications on our understanding of the origin and purpose of the cosmos. DVD: 60 minutes
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    Ken Ham  Thirty-one more great answers to big questions for the Christian life! Picking up where The New Answers Book left off, this second volume combines chapters from the book War of the Worldviews and nearly twenty more of today's most oft-repeated questions. Like the first volume, each chapter stands alone, allowing them to be read in any order. This excellent faith-building book will give Christians answers to false worldviews such as evolution and millions of years that pervade today's culture! Paperback: 378 pages
  • Stephen Lawwell For over two hundred years the church has been embroiled in an intense debate over the age of the earth. Some Christians are unwavering in their belief that the earth is only thousands of years old, while others are convinced that science had conclusively proven the earth's age to be billions of years. Lying at the heart of this debate is the gap theory the idea that billions of years of earth's history transpired between the first two verses of Genesis. Paperback: 40 pages
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    God of Wonders DVD

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    A feature-length Discovery-quality documentary without the evolutionary bias. Stunning nature footage, scientific insights and Scriptures combine to reveal the wonders of our Creator as observed throughout His creation. God's wonders surround us. And these marvels reveal much about our Creator. Through creation we glimpse His power and wisdom, His majesty and care. Creation is speaking to those who will listen…  
  • Eric Hovind It's time to start your journey through Beginnings, the curriculum that will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topic of our day—creation versus evolution! Join Eric Hovind for six fascinating sessions:
    • Session 1: They're Both Religions
    • Session 2: How Old Is It?
    • Session 3: It Was Good
    • Session 4: Dinosaurs With Man
    • Session 5: Fact vs. Faith
    • Session 6: The Truth
      Curriculum includes: Six sessions on 2 DVDs, 1 Leader's Guide BONUS Creation Minute episodes 1-5! 2 DVDs:   3 hours 25 minutes
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    Want to share the truth about dinosaurs? The T. R. U. T. H. Group loves dinosaurs. However, there is one thing about them that they do not like. And they're going to tell you about just a minute. But, first... This package comes with 100 copies for you to hand out!