• Ken Ham These concise, relevant topics answer questions on the minds of Christians and seekers everywhere. Ham has discovered that multitudes of people want to know the answers to key questions like, where did Cain get his wife and how Noah fit all of those animals on the ark. The Bible does have answers to tough questions such as these, so there is no reason Christians cannot defend their faith against attack.   Download: 192 pages  
  • Ken Ham It's that kind of question that has stumped Christians for years, as seekers want answers to difficult questions. Now in this sequel to the hugely popular "Did Adam Have a Bellybutton?" author Ken Ham explores more intriguing questions about the Bible. His answers are short, yet detailed, and give the reader much food for thought. Download: 160 pages
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    Cold-Case Christianity for KIDS back J. Warner Wallace's Evidence Series
    J. Warner Wallace & Susie Wallace Learn to Share the Truth from a Real Detective! Ages 8-12
  • Forensic Faith back Forensic Faith
    J. Warner Wallace With real-life detective stories, fascinating strategies, and biblical insights, Wallace teaches readers cold-case investigative disciplines they can apply to their  Christian faith. Forensic Faith is an engaging, fresh look at what it means to be a Christian. Paperback: 215 pages
  • Forensic Faith for KIDS back Forensic Faith for KIDS
    J. Warner Wallace & Susie Wallace Learn to Share the Truth from a Real Detective As in their other Case Makers Academy books, J. Warner and Susie Wallace teach kids to think like detectives by reaching into their detective tool bag. While they search for clues to the real owner of a lost puppy, the cadets learn how to be confident in sharing with friends the truth of their faith in Jesus. Paperback: 134 pages
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    GENESIS: Paradise Lost Blu-ray Combo Pack back GENESIS: Paradise Lost (3D & 2D Blu-ray, 2D DVD) 10 PACK

    10 Blu-ray Combo Pack for ONLY $175!!!

    Capturing the Creation week with cutting-edge RealD 3D cinematography and biblical accuracy, GENESIS: Paradise Lost brings the first chapter of the Bible to life! Vivid CG animation and interviews with experts and PhD’s ignite this powerful production to deliver an incredible, thought-provoking investigation of our origins. In the beginning…God! 27 Subtitled Languages!
  • Genesis: Paradise Lost Discussion Guide (PDF)
    In the film Genesis: Paradise Lost, the subject of creation versus evolution is presented with amazing cinematography. This creativity offers us an opportunity to train our teens and talk to adults alike about bringing the truth of Genesis, God, and the Gospel to their sphere of influence. In this Discussion Guide, you will find challenging ideas and discussion starters to aid you in bringing this topic to the table and making a lasting eternal impact. PDF Download: 9 pages
  • Help promote Genesis: Paradise Lost . . . This epic Genesis poster brightens up any space from an office to a movie room. Show your faith. Engage onlookers. Superb conversation starter! 24" x 36" 100 lb Gloss Paper Full Color Front, no back
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    Brian Young This book takes you verse by verse through Genesis giving insight into the deeper truths of Scripture. Genesis is foundational for many issues we deal with today providing understanding of the historical accounts of Genesis and its tie into the rest of Scripture. Perfect for your next Personal or Group Bible Study! Paperback: 292 pages
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    ***Slightly Imperfect. These guides have been shipped and returned so some of the corners are a little scuffed and bent.*** Chad Hovind Godonomics leader's guide featuring full-color pages, charts, and illustrations. Answers provided with pages matching the participant guide, making it easy to lead your own group study. Supplements the six-part Godonomics DVD curriculum. Paperback: 68 pages Godonomics Resources:
  • Chad Hovind Godonomics follow-along, fill-in-the-blank participant workbook featuring full-color pages, charts, and illustrations. Supplements the six-part Godonomics DVD curriculum. Paperback: 68 pages Godonomics Resources:
  • Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood eBook (PDF) Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood eBook (PDF)
    Andrew A. Snelling and Steven Boyd The Flood as described in the Book of Genesis not only shaped the global landscape, it is an event that literally forms our understanding of early biblical history. Now an experienced team of scientists and theologians has written a definitive account of the Genesis Flood with detailed research into the original biblical text and evidences unlocked by modern science and study. Download: 756 pages