Amazing Creatures That Proclaim Creation – Marvels of God’s Handiwork DVD


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We all love animals! But when you begin studying how their bodies work, you can’t help but be amazed by God’s Creation!

Learn more about the armadillo, the giraffe, and many more amazing creatures that proclaim creation!

DVD: 30 minutes

7 in stock


Do animals show God’s amazing design? Find out the answer in Amazing Creatures That Proclaim Creation DVD

Many people believe that every creature we see formed over millions of years of evolutionary change. That theory is being taught as fact in our schools and universities – but educated biologists and zoologists know the true story. You can’t study a giraffe without seeing irreducible complexity. Let’s take a look and see how animals show God’s amazing design. Dr. Jobe Martin explores these animals in greater detail. He has been a dentist for the Presidential flight crews of Air Force One and had his private dental practice in Houston, Texas.

DVD: 30 minutes

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