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Thomas F. Heinze

Which was Joseph Smith – A Prophet of God…Or a Fraud?

Since your eternal destiny rests upon the life and teachings of this one man, it is critical that you have the facts so you can answer this question correctly.

This book provides those facts, examining Joseph Smith’s personal life, the doctrines he created, plus much more.

Which was Joseph Smith? You will know after you read the facts.

Paperback: 80 pages

Out of stock

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Thomas F. Heinze

Mormonism stands or falls on the life of its founder, Joseph Smith

That’s why you (and Mormons who read this book) will be amazed as you learn about Smith’s personal life, starting with his early youth and progressing to his later years.

This well-researched book also exposes serious problems with the doctrines Smith created, as well as facts you need to know about his abilities as a translator.
… Learn about Joseph Smith’s brushes with the law.
… Read about how, in his younger days, he was found guilty of using occult practices to defraud people.
… Learn of a Mormon historian who concedes that Joseph Smith was the “village magician.”
… See examples of doctrines Smith created that contradict the very Bible Mormons claim to believe.
… Learn of several of Smith’s doctrines that contradict the Book of Mormon.
… See how some of his doctrines even contradict each other.
… Discover how Mormonism has been forced to change her doctrines over the years.
… Learn about the thousands of changes and corrections that have been made to the Book of Mormon.
This easy-reading book provides powerful information to convince Mormons that their religion cannot be of God. It was written to be read by either Christians or Mormons, and includes a clear presentation of the gospel and an invitation to trust Christ alone for salvation.

Paperback: 80 pages

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