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Bones of Contention – Revised


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Marvin L. Lubenow

When it comes to human evolution, only the fossils tell the REAL story! Based entirely upon fossils accepted unconditionally by evolutionists, Lubenow reveals the distortion and blatant misidentification intended to further the evolutionary model.

“This is the most complete and accurate critique of the fossils of the so-called ape-man. Lubenow has made an invaluable contribution to scientific biblical creationism.” – Henry M. Morris

Paperback: 400 pages

1 in stock


Marvin L. Lubenow

A creationist assessment of human fossils written for the layperson. Well documented for further study and based entirely upon fossils accepted unconditionally by evolutionists. Revised and Expanded!

Paperback: 400 pages

Book Review:

“The purpose of the book, Bones of Contention, is to offer a creationist perspective on the discoveries in the field of paleoanthropology. Lubenow begins his book by showcasing several myths in scientific study: that science is in itself self-correcting, that paleoanthropological finds are unbiasedly open to study by the scientific community, and that these finds actually support human evolution. Lubenow uses great and meaningful examples to make the creation vs. evolution debate more realistic. He goes through many of the most popular finds in paleoanthropology and discusses why they do not actually work for evolution but rather for creation. One of the most interesting parts in the book is where he discusses the origins of evolution’s popularity, with the false interpretation of Neanderthal man, and other “missing link” fossils and how falsities were made to seem as if they were unimportant in the overall scheme. He discusses how the facts were distorted or blatantly misidentified in order to further the evolutionary model and thereby created a false foundation for which further theories were built upon. He covers how the idea of human evolution is inherently racist, and how the whole process of dating the fossils is not objectively based on science.

Marvin Lubenow is very convincing and his book is full of examples and contains various diagrams and definitions, making the book easier to digest for people that are not in a scientific field of study. It is definitely a heavy book to read, but the information is priceless.” -Kandiss Campbell

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