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Books of the Bible Package

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We have several great resources that explore various books of the Bible with insightful commentary and practical lessons. Get the remaining parts of this collection and dig into the books of God’s Word!

This package includes:

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Revelation: All of God’s Word Revealed

Many people think Revelation is a hard book to understand, but they do not realize that almost ALL of Revelation is explained in other books of the Bible. This book will make sense of the chronological order and the intricate patterns that God uses throughout the Bible, showing clearly that Revelation is merely the final chapter in one great Book.

Paperback: 342 pages

Genesis: Yesterday’s Answers to Today’s Problems

This book takes you verse by verse through Genesis giving insight into the deeper truths of Scripture. Genesis is foundational for many issues we deal with today providing understanding of the historical accounts of Genesis and its tie into the rest of Scripture.

Paperback: 292 pages


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