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Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age eBook (PDF)


Buddy Davis

An exciting Ice Age animal exploration led by popular adventurer Buddy Davis!

  • Discover elk with antlers over 12 feet long, rhino-like animals that ate plants, “monster birds” that called North & South America home, and more!
  • Learn about glaciers, land bridges, how much of the world was covered in ice!
  • Read about how and why the Ice Age happened, and what the Bible reveals!

Download: 59 pages

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Buddy Davis

Kids love to learn about the Ice Age and its animals – between the woolly mammoths and saber-tooth cats, what’s not to enjoy? But it can be hard to find books on the subject that are not from a secular, evolutionary point-of-view.

But look no further because your child will enjoy this exciting book that introduces children to fascinating Ice Age animals and also explains how the Ice Age was caused from a biblical, creationist perspective.

  • Surveys 17 strange and unusual Ice Age animals
  • Full of engaging illustrations, including height comparisons
  • From popular creationist speaker and author Buddy Davis

Download: 59 pages

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