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Censored Science: The Suppressed Evidence

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Bruce Malone

Censored Science is a stunning designed, full-color book showcasing the fifty best evidences for a biblical creation worldview. Each two-page spread lays out the evidence for creation and then provides a rebuttal to the most common evolutionist objections to the evidence.

Hardback: 111 pages

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Bruce Malone

Evolutionary Science or Theory
Do you have an answer to what appears to be science, but boils down to be theory? Censored Science contains 50 of the best evidences for biblical creation. Arranged under three headings — biology, geology and cosmology — each topic is a visual masterpiece with absolutely lush photography and easy to understand text.

Bite-sized Portions
Censored Science distills vast amounts of documented research into bite-sized portions, then furthers the discussion by adding a Skeptic’s Corner at every juncture. While the aim of the Skeptic’s Corner briefly presents an evolutionist’s rebuttal to each new evidence, it also shows where that rebuttal dead-ends.

Stunning Photography, Thoughtful Defense
Censored Science, with its clear text, stunning photography and thoughtful defense, is destined to become both a delightful coffee table addition and favorite family resource guide.

Hardback: 111 pages

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