>CHANGED: The Message that Transformed a Life DVD

CHANGED: The Message that Transformed a Life DVD


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This is or Free DVD for Donors only. December 2016.

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This is or Free DVD for Donors only. December 2016.

“This message changed my life! Praise God, He saves!” —Curt

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” —Psalm 11:3

Following a message that Creation Today president, Eric Hovind gave in Maryland, Curt, a musician who was skeptical about God, responded. In their ensuing conversation, Curt shared his testimony of how God used these truths to radically transform his life into a gospel teacher who is now using our curriculum to train others to share their faith! We gratefully share Eric and Curt’s conversation with you as well as the actual message Curt heard entitled, Changed: The Message that Transformed a Life.

This talk delves into real-life encounters with skeptics and includes footage of the exchange between believer and atheist. Its message equips you to share your faith with today’s godless culture. Its truth challenges the popular beliefs that there is no God and that there are no absolutes. Its impact moves your passion to a new perspective. Watching it, you will better understand how the mind of the skeptic thinks and learn biblical ways to respond in love and with authority from the Word of God.

Thank you for helping reach Curt and a host of others for eternity!

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