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Christian Education for the Real World eBook (EPUB, MOBI)


Henry M. Morris

Such topics as class size and a brief history of the two world wars are just a small part of this framework for educators in home schools, Christian schools, and public schools. Addressing the needs of each of these areas, Dr. Morris implores today’s teachers to provide wholesome and well rounded instruction for tomorrow’s generation.

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Henry M. Morris

Christian education must be grounded in and governed by the Word of God. Christian Education for the Real World teaches you how to establish Christ-centered education in a humanistic educational world.

Today’s educators seem largely ignorant of the divine standards for education. Our present-day secular schools and colleges have become almost entirely humanistic in curricula and methodology. Unfortunately, this is also true of many religious schools.

Dr. Morris has developed a thoroughly Biblical approach to education in the world today, based on over 50 years experience in teaching and educational administration. He communicates complex issues in an easy-to-understand manner.

Christian Education for the Real World will revolutionize the thinking of Christian students, teachers, and parents.

Download: 296 pages


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