Creation and Prophecy: History From Beginning to End On Demand Webinar

What in the world is about to happen? 

Does Creation connect with Prophecy? Why does the Bible say people will be willingly ignorant of the Creation and the coming judgment? Today we all wait in anticipation for what in the world will happen next. We check headlines, social media, and look at stock market numbers. Much of this brings anxiety, worry, and fear. Just like Peter’s distraction while walking on water, we don’t want these waves to knock you off your sure foundation; so we are inviting Bruce Malone to walk us through Creation and Prophecy with a reminder to keep our eyes on Christ! This will be educational and encouraging in a time of unbelievable crisis. 

Don’t let confusion about the future cause fear, anxiety, and panic; join Eric Hovind and Bruce Malone LIVE on Monday, February 1, 2021 at 7pm CT. We will give you solid answers and show you how Creation and Prophecy give us hope for the future and a true understanding of the world to come. 

While this webinar would normally cost $35, we want to love people in the most practical way we can during this time by making this class available to everyone for any cost. (Processing & Streaming Fee $5)

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Suggested Amount: $35.00

Minimum Amount: $5.00

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