Creation Truth LIVE Online Conference

Are you frustrated by so many people believing the LIE of evolution? Does it bother you when Nova, Discovery, PBS, and the Public Schools spread false information about God, the Bible, and His amazing Creation? We feel your frustration and we want to give you tools that help you guide others to the truth! 

Join us on Saturday, April 17th, as we take you on a journey digging through the Fossil Record, dissecting Human and Chimp DNA, soaring through the Grand Canyon, and then dismantling evolution’s “best evidence.” This conference is going to TOTALLY DEBUNK the Evolutionary Worldview! Your questions are welcomed during our final Q&A.

Registration is simple so save your seat today. 

While this webinar would normally cost $35, we want to love people in the most practical way we can during this time by making this conference available to everyone for any cost. (Processing & Streaming Fee $5)

Suggested Amount: $35.00

Minimum Amount: $5.00

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Schedule and Topics: (All times are listed in US Central Time

Saturday  8:45am Zoom online log-in begins.  Hosted by Eric Hovind of Creation Today

9:00am Dr. Marcus Ross -“Fossil Evidence Then and Now

10:00am Dr. Jeff Tomkins – “Human and Chimp DNA: How Similar?” 

11:15am Helmut Welke – “Grand Canyon:  What is the Message?” 

12:30pm Lunch Break / selected videos will be playing online 

1:00pm   Dr. Marcus Ross -“Noah’s Flood: Where Genesis Meets Geology

 2:15pm Dr. Jeff Tomkins – “Chromosome 2 Fusion Debunked” 

 3:30pm   Panel Discussion and Group Q&A 

 4:30pm close of conference


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Student $2, Adult – Suggested $35 (NYOP)