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Early Earth Book 1 & Book 2 Package

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B.A. Norman, M.Div.

Explore an exotic world with the unlikely heroes of the Early Earth Books!

Paperback: 276 pages & 384 pages


B.A. Norman, M.Div.

Dude, time travel rocks! Until an army is breathing down your neck and the fate of the world rests in your hands. When four teenagers find themselves transported to the days when the Earth was young, they are lost in the wonder of meeting wizards, dinosaurs, and noble giants who honor them with a feast in a mind-boggling treetop village. Little did the four teens imagine their journey would pit them against the savagery of the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever known.

Meet the unlikely heroes of Early Earth Book 1: Elemental Connections: Sean is a laid-back, lazy dude. Fong is a know-it-all nerd. Candice is beautiful and she knows it. And Braulio is just a jerk. These four are plunged thousands of years back in time to save Earth from certain doom. Can one of them be the Chosen One who is meant to unite the georb with its elemental essence? Can four teens stop the powerful Lord Maboa from getting there first?

Join Sean, Fong, Candice, and Braulio on an fictitious adventure through Earth’s primeval forests. Walk the swinging bridges of the treetop village of Erflanthina, learn the ways of the forest with Thogwok, attend the Council of the Wizards and Noble Giants, and then-and this is important-run for your life. Don’t let Maboa’s army catch you or Early Earth will be your final resting place.

Paperback: 276 pages

Explore an exotic world with the unlikely heroes of Early Earth Book 2: Coming out of Darkness. Join Tyrone Hughes, Fong Chow, Jeremiah Yoder, and Eileen Bishop—four young people who would have never found themselves together in other circumstances—on an extraordinary journey back in time to an unrecognizable Earth. With their lives in peril, they realize they must work together to rescue the world from a demonic enemy far more sinister than they can imagine. And if they fail, not only will they never get to go home, but the lives of millions will be lost.

Paperback: 384 pages

B.A. Norman is married and has seven children. He holds a Masters of Divinity degree and has taught middle school, high school and college students for over 15 years. A lively speaker on Creationism for teenagers and adults alike, he can be reached at www.earlyeartheducators.com The Illustrator Jeffrey Norman, son of the author, began the illustrations for this book at age 14. We predict there will be many more.


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