Eric Hovind’s Building Your Faith Package


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This collection of Eric Hovind’s top speaking topics is great for gifts, Bible studies, and witnessing tools!

Package Includes these DVDs:

DVDs: 4

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Beginnings: Exploring Biblical Creation

It’s time to start your journey through Beginnings, the curriculum that will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topic of our day—creation versus evolution! Join Eric Hovind for six fascinating sessions:

  • Session 1: They’re Both Religions
  • Session 2: How Old Is It?
  • Session 3: It Was Good
  • Session 4: Dinosaurs With Man
  • Session 5: Fact vs. Faith
  • Session 6: The Truth

2 DVDs:   3 hours 25 minutes

The Mind of the Skeptic

With atheism on the rise, how do Christians answer the skeptic’s questions about God? Does evidence help convert the Atheist to Christianity? What proof do we actually need to present in order for the skeptic to worship the God of the Bible?

DVD: 43 minutes

God’s Glory: A Journey of Discovery

What shook Eric’s faith to the very core making him question everything he believed—even whether he really knew the God of the Bible? This intimate, personal message by Eric Hovind takes you on a journey into the reality of God Himself. Eric’s most requested message at live events, God’s Glory! has been used to propel many to take an honest look at what they believe about God. Eric invites you to take your first step, or your next step in discovering that EVERYTHING happens for God’s Glory!

DVD: 43 minutes

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