Family Evangelism Training Pack

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The Family Evangelism Training Pack is the perfect starting place for a family wanting to learn to share their faith with others. This package includes The Blue Book of Evangelism and The Way of the Master for Kids to provide solid, biblical evangelism training and DVD tracts to practice the learned techniques!

This package includes:

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The Blue Book of Evangelism (Book)

More than 140 questions and answers about the most important topics. This handy primer presents the basics of witnessing — the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Paperback: 142 pages

The Way of the Master for Kids (Book)

What should you tell your children if they come home from school saying that the Bible is full of fairy tales and science has proved that man came from monkeys? Based on the television show “The Way of the Master,” hosted by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, this book will help you provide answers in a language your kids can understand.

Hardback: 112 pages

They’re Both Religions (10 DVDs)

Share this great DVD tract from Eric Hovind’s Beginnings series. “They’re Both Religions” is a 28-minute message (just one part of Eric’s series) that will keep a viewer’s attention and challenge him to see his life from God’s perspective.

Truth about Dinosaurs (10 DVDs)

This is a 30-minute shortened version of the full-length TRUTH About the Dinosaurs DVD!

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