Flat Earth vs. The Bible On Demand Webinar

Join Eric Hovind and Dr. Danny Faulkner as they delve into what the Scripture says about the shape of the earth. 

While this webinar would normally cost $35, we want to love people in the most practical way we can during this time by making this class available to everyone for any cost. (Processing & Streaming Fee $5)

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Suggested Amount: $35.00

Minimum Amount: $5.00


Somewhere between 2 and 6% of Americans believe the earth is Flat. That could be over 20 Million people in the US alone! Many are claiming the Bible led them to this conclusion.

In a recent webinar with Dr. Danny Faulkner, we discussed the scientific issues—impossibilities—with the Flat Earth model. This week, we are investigating the Bible verses used by Flat Earth proponents. What is the Scripture really teaching? Does the Bible support the Flat Earth? Have we all been fooled to believe the “Round Earth Lie”?

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