In the Beginning


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Walt Brown, Ph.D.

This understandable, comprehensive, and meticulously documented resource will give new insight and compelling evidence to readers of all backgrounds on the subjects of creation, the Flood, and the hydroplate theory of mountain formation and continental drift. It answers many previously unexplained questions raised by physical observations.

Hardback: 448 pages

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Walt Brown, Ph.D.

In this expanded 8th edition, evidence that revolutionizes our understanding of origins is carefully explained.

Part I discusses, in quick overview, 131 categories of evidence from biology, astronomy, earth science, and the physical sciences.

Part II describes the hydroplate theory, developed during 35 years of study and research by Walt Brown. This theory explains a catastrophic event in Earth’s history and solves a host of recognized problems. Some chapters in Part II deal with: the origin of the Grand Canyon, evidence that shows comets, asteroids, and meteroids came from Earth. the sudden freezing and burial of the frozen mammoths, if there was a global flood, where the water came from and where it went, and how mountain ranges, volcanoes, submarine canyons, ocean trenches, and coal and oil deposits were formed.

Thirty-seven other frequently asked questions fill a fascinating Part III of Brown’s book. A few of those questions are: Is global warming occurring? If so, what causes it? Have scientific tools detected genetic traces of Adam and Eve within us? How accurate is radiocarbon dating? What about the dinosaurs? What hydroplate theory predictions have been confirmed? Is evolution compatible with the Bible?

Hardback: 448 pages

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