>>Meet the Skeptic eBook (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

Meet the Skeptic eBook (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)


Bill Foster

Meet the Skeptic is a new approach to apologetics and evangelism that organizes a non believer’s objections into four basic root ideas. Learn how to effectively share your Christian faith without reaching for comebacks and offering “churchisms.” This new approach to apologetics and evangelism is written for teens, college students and adults. Are you equipped to handle the skeptic’s questions?

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Bill Foster

Conversations are snapshots of a person’s worldview. You never know when one of those conversations will challenge your Christian faith. Are you equipped to effectively deal with this skepticism? Meet the Skeptic teaches believers to think about skepticism in categories. Chasing down answers to every objection a skeptic raises often leads nowhere because the conversation becomes a superficial game of one-upmanship. By uncovering the presuppositions (Root Ideas) behind objections, Meet the Skeptic trains believers how to steer conversations with skeptics in a more meaningful direction rather than trying to win the argument. It will help readers:

  • Get to the Root Ideas of worldviews instead of pulling at the weeds
  • Recognize the Red-Flag Words that prop up objections
  • Scrutinize bumper-sticker comments
  • Ask probing questions and acquire an ear for opportunities

Meet the Skeptic is effective for conversational training as well as being a model for building an apologetics curriculum. The four categories described provide a framework into which believers can organize and connect worldview ideas.


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