Panorama of Creation


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Carl E. Baugh

Panorama of Creation is a brief sketch of the creation model, covering the Pre-Flood environment and evidence for a young Earth. Baugh discusses topics such as the pre-flood water canopy and larger, more flourishing plants and animals because of the environment.

Paperback: 91 pages


11 in stock

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Carl E. Baugh

This book is based on Dr. Baugh’s work at the Creation Evidences Museum.

Fact: Before the great Flood the world was encased in a compressed water canopy in which the hydrogen atoms bonded to form a superconductive firmament bathing the world in pink-dominated light.

Fact: Before the Flood the oxygen content of the atmosphere was much greater than it is today to allow for bigger animals, and a higher oxygen content in the water made possible abundant marine life of enormous sizes.

Fact: Plant life was much larger and possessed higher vitamin and mineral content to sustain large life forms like the dinosaur.

Paperback: 91 pages

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