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On Day 5, God created creatures that fly and swim. Since Pterodactyls fly, and their fossils are found in Brazil, we chose our low-acidity, medium-bodied Brazilian coffee with its smooth nutty flavor,  bittersweet chocolate tones, and a buttery finish for Day 5. And, Pterodactyls are just cool!

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On Day 5, God created creatures that fly and swim. Pterodactyls are flying reptiles and an unprecedented number of their fossils have been found in Brazil; hence, our Day 5 BRAZILIAN! (Plus, pterodactyls are just plain cool!) This specialty bean noted for its low acidity offers a medium body, smooth, soft, nutty flavor with bittersweet chocolate tones and a buttery finish. 

God created the pterodactyl structure as flight-ready! Experts are now reconstructing pterodactyl biomechanics and finding them to be wonders of aerodynamic precision, skillful and adept at landing and take-off procedures. God makes us new creatures when we trust Christ as Savior (2 Corinthians 5:17) flight-ready for Heaven to spend eternity with our Abba Father! We need not fear the future — it is secure in Christ Jesus. Enjoy a fresh bag of coffee delivered to your doorstep and sip your fresh brew thanking God for His marvelous pterodactyl creation being reminded that as a child of God, you are flight-ready for Heaven!

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