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Quit Playing with Fire eBook (EPUB, MOBI)


Ron Luce

The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us to remember our Creator in the days of our youth, “before the days of trouble come.” Our Heavenly Father desires to have a relationship with all of us as individuals, and it should start when we are young. In Quit Playing with Fire, Ron Luce explains how obstacles in the life of a teenager can be overcome through meditating on the Word.

Download: 192 pages

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Ron Luce

The Bible tells us of an eternal life, but just where will we be living it? So it’s the life in the meantime, right here and now, that’s the tricky part. Teens think they can “bargain” with God. He’ll wait while they party and rebel and run from Him. But what about your classmate who was just killed in a car wreck last weekend? Or your best friend’s sudden suicide? In Quit Playing with Fire, Ron Luce lets teens in on the plan: Jesus wants to give you a meaningful, fun-filled life.

Christianity isn’t for weak people and nerds. It’s not boring and strict. It’s for the totally sold-out, radical people who are smart enough to realize that while the devil has many paths to destruction, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. When you Quit Playing with Fire, you’ll see how to cope with sexual questions, drug traps, fights with you parents, and more. You’ll find out it’s cool to be a Christian.

Download: 192 pages


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