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On Day 6, God created land animals, including the dinosaurs! We chose one of God’s boldest dinosaurs for our robust Mexican roast. With hints of walnuts, roasted peppers, and smoke capturing a unique caramel sweetness, this coffee makes you want to roar!

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On Day 6, God created man and woman, in His image and in His likeness. He also created all the land animals including the beast of the field. Those beasts included the dinosaurs like Behemoth mentioned in Job 40:15, probably a brachiosaurus, as well as all the rest of God’s magnificent animals! Just imagine these giant creatures walking the earth with mankind, and all to reflect His glory! 

We couldn’t help but choose one of God’s boldest dinosaurs to represent our robust Mexican roast. Coffee roasted to this level tends to lose some of its original characteristics, but also captures the unique caramel sweetness only found in the longer roast. T-Rex is for the brave at heart who enjoy low acidity, lighter caffeine, and an extremely dark flavor. According to Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, dark roast coffee also provides the health benefit of more effectively restoring red blood cell vitamin E and glutathione. Go ahead and roar with this robust Day 6 T-Rex!

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