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The Assumptions Behind the Theory of Evolution

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Dave A. Schoch

The modern theory of evolution stands upon certain assumptions, and has for over 150 years. It will no doubt surprise many to discover that these assumptions are unwarranted and unjustified by the evidence…and in some instances, even antagonistic to the evidence. This book describes these assumptions, demonstrates why they are unwarranted and illegitimate, and asks why instead of being taught as fact they have not been dropped as the scientific method of research demands. This work utilizes science alone without reference to religious books and allows the facts to speak for themselves.

Paperback: 452 pages

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Dave A. Schoch

The foundation of evolutionary theory consists solidly of numerous unwarranted and illegitimate assumptions, many of which are antagonistic to the facts of nature. These assumptions are taught to the public as codified facts of science, when they exist only as “what if’s.” The author addresses these issues as well as the philosophical roots of this scientific movement that push the theory along, keeping it “alive” by less than scientific means. He exposes the farce that a false philosophy – not science – keeps alive. Most of the arguments for Intelligent Design are covered as well as many more ID doesn’t cover.

The author also covers various “games” that evolutionary theorists like to play in their efforts to make evolutionary theory seem scientific. He covers “equivocation” (switching the meanings of words around to fit one’s means to an end), especially the four different meanings of the word “evolution” utilized by evolutionists to confuse the issue. Before long, anyone caught up into a debate with an evolutionist must concede because of these perfidious tactics.

Paperback: 452 pages

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