“The Big 3” DVD Package

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Join Eric Hovind for a six-part interactive study of creation in his Beginnings DVD Curriculum. Chad Hovind presents Godonomics, a six-part biblical economics study on “What the Almighty says about the Almighty dollar.” Now you can experience the Proof of God Conference learning from top Creation and Apologetics teachers!

This package includes:


Beginnings DVD Curriculum w/ Leader’s Guide

It’s time to start your journey through Beginnings, the curriculum that will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topic of our day—creation versus evolution! Join Eric Hovind for six fascinating sessions:

  • Session 1: They’re Both Religions
  • Session 2: How Old Is It?
  • Session 3: It Was Good
  • Session 4: Dinosaurs With Man
  • Session 5: Fact vs. Faith
  • Session 6: The Truth

Curriculum includes: Six sessions on 2 DVDs, 1 Leader’s Guide
BONUS Creation Minute episodes 1-5!

2 DVDs:   3 hours 25 minutes


Godonomics DVD

Godonomics is a fun, engaging, fact-filled journey into God’s wisdom on money. You’ll discover time-tested truth on instilling a strong work ethic, building savings, developing guidelines for spending, and experiencing the joys of both prosperity and wisdom. This six-part series shows what the Bible says about:

  • Helping vs enabling the needy
  • When to save vs spend
  • The joy of generosity
  • The value of work ethic
  • …and much more

Godonomics offers God’s perspective for the economic decisions of an individual, a family, or even a nation.

2DVD’s: 3 hours 12 minutes


Proof of God Conference DVD Box Set

Eric Hovind and others

Now you can experience the Proof of God Conference learning from top Creation and Apologetics teachers! The DVD Boxed Set includes video of all 8 Main Sessions on DVD and MP3 (Audio) of 9 Breakout Sessions on CD.

Main sessions include:

  • Eric Hovind – The God of the Bible
  • Ken Ham – Our Ultimate Authority
  • Paul Taylor – Evidence vs. Proof
  • Ken Ham – Defending Christian Faith In Today’s World
  • Carl Kerby – Why Do They Run?
  • Mark Spence – Taking It to the Streets
  • Sye Ten Bruggencate – Proving the God of the Bible
  • Eric Hovind – Living for God’s Glory

Breakout sessions include:

  • Paul Taylor – Don’t Miss the Boat: Noah and the Flood
  • Sye Ten Bruggencate – Apologetics: You are Doing It Wrong!
  • Ray Moore, Jr. – Indoctrination
  • Jay Seegert – Evolution: Probable or Problematic?
  • Kevan Myers – Answer the Words of Truth
  • Felice Gerwitz – Are You a Truth Seeker?
  • Alyse Merritt – Discovering the Jewish Messiah
  • Tom DeRosa – Evolution’s Fatal Fruit
  • Rev. Lloyd T. Anderson – A Big Bang for Creation

5 DVD’s: 7 hours 20 minutes

CD: 7 hours 55 minutes


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