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The Global Flood: Unlocking Earth’s Geologic History


John D. Morris

Using Scripture and historical evidence for a worldwide flood, this comprehensive book offers a layman's discourse for the scholarly treatise, The Genesis Flood by Morris and Whitcomb. Simply but firmly resolves questions about a worldwide flood!

Hardback: 175 pages

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John D. Morris

The Global Flood helps to meet a great need today. It is comprehensive. It is aimed at those who are not experts in earth sciences. People everywhere need to understand the true significance of the year-long, mountain-covering Deluge that buried and fossilized trillions of marine and land animals and plants only a few thousand years ago. Over 95 percent of these fossils–even within sedimentary strata seen in the highest mountains of the world–are marine creatures! We don’t need to stretch the creation week of Genesis 1 to allow for this. The fossils were formed after, not before, Adam! Without the enormous hydrodynamic work of the Flood, we could not know this. Now the Christian world has no excuse–if they ever had any–for adding millions and billions of years to earth history.

Hardback: 175 pages

“John D. Morris is a great writer and one which holds your interest throughout the whole reading experience. His logic makes sense and leaves the reader with many thoughts that keep with the reader for long periods leading up to the necessity to get back and read the book all over again. Recommend this book to any reader, open minded or closed.” – Hawaihi

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