“The MOTHER-LOAD” Flash Drive


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Our favorite videos, study packages, and PowerPoint files (plus a lot of never-released content) packed onto one amazing 16 Gig flash drive!

24 hours of teaching, loads of curriculum, several conferences, and our charts and graphs all on one tiny drive!

197 in stock


14 GB of Data on a 16 GB drive

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6 Days of Genesis with Six Days of Genesis Study Guide

Beginnings: Exploring Biblical Creation (six-session video study)

Creation Today Show “Do All Religions Lead to God?”

Creation Today Show “What if Jesus Never Rose from the Dead”

Creation Today Show “Dinosaurs Take a Bite Out of Time”

University of South Alabama Debate: Creation vs. Naturalism

LaGrange, GA Humanist Assoc. Debate: Creation vs Humanism

Portland State University Debate: Created vs Evolved

The Ultimate Goal of Apologetics

Proof of God Conference

God’s Glory

Mind of the Skeptic

The Atheist Delusion by Ray Comfort

Video Shorts

Creation Minutes

Science Experiments (Bowling Ball Pendulum, Holding Fire, plus 21 more!)

Atheist Airplane

Can God Be Evil?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Dinosaurs

Eric Hovind on Dogma Debate

Eric on TBN Atheist Knowledge

Evidence of the Global Flood

How to Make Paper Airplanes

Stork Bus at Creation Today

Tim Chaffey’s Invitation at the Ark Encounter

What about 95 percent of Christians?

What I Wish I Knew All My Life


Bahnsen-Stein Debate Transcript

Evolution Cruncher

Homosexuality: A Biblical View by Greg Bahnsen

Biblical Longevity Chart

Origin of Species foreword by Ray Comfort

Science vs. Evolution by evolution-facts.org

The Problem of Evil by Vincent Cheung

Creation vs. Evolution Timeline Chart

What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert

PowerPoint Presentations

Case for Creation

God’s Glory Message (God Quest)

Mind of the Skeptic

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